Jeff Mills new three-disc set compilation for Axis Records

Jeff Mills new three-disc set compilation for Axis Records

Sight, Sound And Space is a multi-format project containing three CDs and a 50-page booklet. It uses material from Mills’ extensive catalog, such as tracks from 2015’s Woman In The Moon and 2006’s One Man Spaceship, to express his “deep-seated thoughts” on the concepts that fascinate him most: sight, sound and space.

The first disc, entitled Sight, is comprised of music created for films or moving images. CD2, Sound, is a compilation of tracks “that have a unique and specific type of sound to them.” Third is Space, which compiles pieces related to outer space, space travel and celestial life. There is also a booklet, called And, where Mills provides commentary and explanations for each of his selections.

01. Perfecture
02. Deckard
03. Le Mer Et C’est Un Caractere
04. Homing Device
05. The Never Ending Study
06. The Drive Home
07. Parallelism In Fate
08. Devices
09. Transformation B (Rotwang’s Revenge)
10. Sleepy Time
11. Multi-Dimensiona
12. Descending Eiffel Stairs

01. The Hunter
02. The Bells
03. 4Art
04. The 25th Hour
05. Growth
06. Spiral Galaxy
07. Microbe
08. Jade
09. Where The Shadows Have Motives
10. Flying Machines
11. Compression-Release
12. Into The Body
13. The Resolution
14. Spiral Therapy

01. Introduction – Phase 1-3
02. Mercury (Residue Mix)
04. Unreleased003
05. The Industry Of Dreams
06. Stabilizing The Spin
07. G-Star
08. Planet X
09. The Worker’s Party
10. Daphnis (Keeler’s Gap)
11. Outer Space
12. Unreleased005
13. Self-Portrait
14. Aitken Basin
15. Deadly Rays (Of A Hot White Sun)
16. Medians

Axis Records will release Sight, Sound And Space on October 4th, 2019.

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