Berlin Atonal Festival returns for its 2019 edition

Berlin Atonal returns for its 2019 edition beginning on Wednesday 28. August. The festival spans five days and over a hundred performances and art projects, including the usual heady supply of specially commissioned audio-visual shows and world premieres in sound, video and performance.

The festival is happy to release the first participating projects:

Aho Ssan – Live, W.P.
Alessandro Cortini presents Volume Massimo – Live A/V, W.P.
Cyprien Gaillard presents Ocean II Ocean – Live A/V, W.P.
E-Saggila – Live
Félicia Atkinson presents Music For Helen Frankenthaler – Live, W.P.
Function presents Existenz – Live A/V, W.P.
HTRK – Live
Kali Malone + Rainer Kohlberger – Live A/V, W.P
Lee Gamble – Live A/V
Nene H. presents RAU // REUE – Live, W.P.
Nervous System 2020 – Live A/V, W.P.
Nivhek – Live, G.P.
Nkisi presents Initiation – Live A/V, W.P.
Objekt + Ezra Miller – Live A/V, G.P.
Pablo’s Eye – Live A/V, G.P.
Roly Porter + MFO present Kistvaen – Live A/V, W.P.
Shackleton presents Tunes of Negation – Live, W.P.
Soho Rezanejad presents Crow Without Mouth – Live A/V, W.P.
UCC Harlo – Live

The festival pass, allowing entry into the festival for the entirety of the five-day duration, is now available from Individual day tickets will be released with the second artist announcement on Tuesday 25. June.

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